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" ...awww, the cutest cats ever..."  
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Jazzabella (Simply Red) - new addition - 16th March 2006

Jazzabella Simply Red

Simba (Purrfurus Marco Polo)

Ragdoll - Simba Ragdoll - Simba2 Ragdoll - Simba3

Zoe (Admonolo Devine Zoe)

Ragdoll - Zoe

Zoe's Kittens

Rag doll - Zoe Kitten1 Rag doll - Zoe Kitten2

Jazz (Cheham Francesca)

Ragdoll - Jazz

Jazz's Kittens


Ragdoll - Jazz Kitten1 Ragdoll - Jazz Kitten2

Belle (Admillo Belle Madness)

Rag doll - Belle


Belle's Kittens

Ragdoll - Belle Kitten1 Ragdoll - Belle Kitten2


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Past Comments

"....the best buy ever.....these cats are beautiful" Clare, London

"...mine has made the best companion.." Peter, Surfleet

"...these cats are so sweet." Joan, Spalding

Blue Eyes

Please call Mandy on 01775 640811 if you would like to reserve these beauties! See ragdoll kittens for pictures....or click on those to the right.

Please check out Misty and Horlix, who are now settled in to their new homes! Their pictures can be found on Pictures Page 3

Cute ragdoll 1 Cute ragdoll 2
Cute ragdoll 3 Cute ragdoll 4

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